mi_lotteryMichigan Lottery is on Sale Here
Don’t miss out playing your favorite numbers just because there isn’t time to drive to Rogers City or Cheboygan, stop off at the Hammond Bay Trading Post and play your daily numbers, buy scratch off tickets, and take a gamble on the lotto.


Get Your Fishing and Hunting Supplies at the Trading Post
Fishermen and Hunters are always welcome at the Hammond Bay Trading Post. Get your last-minute supplies here, including soft drinks, adult beverages, charcoal, firewood and ice. We stock fish tackle, lures and bait and we feature Buc’s Canadian Crawlers. We also sell ammunition. And if you didn’t already get one, you can get your DNR fishing license here.

We’ve Got an ATM
Short on cash? No Problem. We’ve got a cash machine right here in the store.

pump_gas Quality Gas for Your Boat & Recreational Engines We feature REC-90, an ethanol-free, 90-octane unleaded gasoline blend designed for use in recreational and marine engines.

Ethanol mixed gasoline can actually do damage to certain types of motors and that’s why people are demanding non-ethanol gasoline. Some engines found in classic cars, boats, and lawn mowers, aren’t designed for ethanol use. The ethanol is too harsh for the rubber, gaskets, and can cause bad fuel conditions that eventually lead to engine destruction.