Milk, bread, buns, pop, canned goods, pasta, cookies, and snacks – the Hammond Bay Trading Post has it all.

Next time you run out of ketchup, you won’t have far to go. The Hammond Bay Trading Post is right down the street, and they have a little bit of everything.

It’s time for dinner and you’ve run out of spaghetti sauce? We’ve got it.
You’re sitting around the fire and there’s no more beer? We’ve got that, too…and firewood…and wine…and top-shelf liquor.

We have charcoal and lighter fluid for barbeques – and propane exchange for gas grills. 

We also sell cigarettes and tobacco products, laundry detergent, chips and hot dog buns. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up bug spray and fly swatters while you’re here!

The Hammond Bay Trading Post has a little bit of everything, so stop by anytime you run out.